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LPG technology

LPG technology


LPG is the fuel of the future

Liquified petroleum gas is still the most widespread alternative fuel.

Together with our innovative solution we can cut costs of driving with green alternative fuel.

And why not electric? Yes, there is a Myth that electricity will solve the pollution that humans do. But where does electricity come from? And what about the infrastructure? Using thermal efficiency as rating we can see that modern gasoline vehicles are the most efficient and clean. If we change petrol to LPG the outcome is even greater.

Spark liquified petroleum gas filling

Looking ahead

We believe that car future will see a mix of use of different fuels. More than 23 % of electricity worldwide is produced by burning gas. It is energy more efficient if we use gas directly to power cars and not to lose energy in energy conversion.

So where is the problem? Internal combustion engines are being developed and car manufacturers are switching to DI petrol engines because they are much more energy efficient. But LPG system manufacturers have not been able to develop a good product for them yet.

Up till now. We present the solution. Liquid SparkLPG direct injection system.