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SparkLPG direct – WE MADE IT!

SparkLPG liquid direct injection system  WE MADE IT!  We offer liquid LPG-DI, a LPG system injecting LPG using petrol injectors directly into the engine. Suitable for every engine with


We can do what VAG cannot

Liquid LPG direct injection system on newest 1.5 TSI 150HP DADA Engine. 0% use of petrol when on LPG. We dare VAG to test our

latest news

E-LPG WEEK 2020 (2nd-6th NOVEMBER)

SparkLPG was selected as one of the three finalists in the World LPG Challenge ‘20 competition! The e-LPG Week, which includes the World LPG Challenge,

bio lpg video


BioLPG is propane produced from renewable feedstocks such as plant and vegetable waste material; it is also called renewable propane and biopropane. It is an