SparkLPG DI system ready for production

LPG direct from SparkLPG solved all these nuisances. We achieved this by developing (1) a new multivalve, (2) a new fuel switch and (3) a new ECU (on-board computer). We have been testing the new system since 2014 and it has worked well in all driving conditions at outside temperatures from +36°C to -15°C on both a Skoda Octavia 1.2 TSI and on a powerful engine of Mazda CX-7 2.3T with 265 Hp.

LPG can only be directly injected, when it is in liquid state. Therefore, we use an electrical pump inside the LPG tank. The fuel Switch is controlling the LPG pressure and can switch between LPG and petrol. In the high pressure fuel pump the LPG pressure is increased to 35-230 bar and injected into the engine via original injectors. Our fuel pump module and multivalve make it possible to use standard LPG tanks.

Best startup investment opportunity!

The product has been tested and is ready for series production.

Looking for investments to start production immediately

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